License Terms and Conditions

Last updated October 12, 2016. Questions? Please contact us.

  1. Definitions.
    1. "Licensor" is EdStockPhoto, LLC.
    2. "Licensee" is the person or organization who purchases the License.
    3. "Image" is the image, or each of the images, referenced on the License/Receipt.
  2. Royalty-free license. The Licensor hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, perpetual worldwide license (henceforth "License") to reproduce, display, transmit or publish the Image subject to the terms described below.
  3. Copyright. The copyright owner of the Image reserves all rights not expressly transferred by this License.
  4. Conditions.
    1. Purchase of the License constitutes the Licensee's acceptance of the terms of the License.
    2. Violation of any of these terms invalidates the License.
    3. Use of the Image without proof of this License (which Licensor may be asked to produce) constitutes copyright infringement.
  5. Permitted uses (Editorial License). Images with an Editorial License may be used for personal, editorial or educational purposes. Examples of permitted uses include: art prints displayed in a private or public place (not for sale); greeting cards for personal use (not for sale); publication in books, textbooks, exams for sale, editorial website articles, blog posts, or magazines; display in television programs or films.
  6. Permitted uses (Academic License). Images with an Academic License, as chosen by the Licensee and shown on the License/Receipt:
    1. may only be used for the following academic purposes: student reports and presentations; essays; dissertations; lectures; exams; scholarly journal articles; and scholarly monographs. This License does not permit use in textbooks, exams provided for sale, or any other use not listed above.
    2. may be shared with others in the same organization for their own uses permitted under this License, without the need for an additional license. This may be done with a password-protected database or offline.
  7. Restricted uses. Licensee MAY NOT, without written permission from EdStockPhoto (which may not be available):
    1. use the Image for any commercial, retail, promotional, corporate, endorsement, advertising or merchandising purpose, whether the organization using the Image is non-profit or for-profit.
    2. reproduce the Image more than 500,000 print impressions. Web and electronic displays are unlimited.
    3. reproduce the Image without a credit line, as specified below.
    4. post the Image on social media unless the posted Image represents an article in which it appears and is credited. The post must refer and link to the article, and additionally the credit line must appear in the post if the Image represents the main content of the post.
    5. use the Image in a pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise illegal manner or context.
    6. falsely claim that Licensee is the original creator of a visual work that consists primarily of the Image.
  8. Credit requirements. With the sole exception of art prints, the following credit must appear adjacent to the Image, or be included in a list of credits, whenever it is printed or displayed: “[Photographer Name] / EdStockPhoto.” The specific credit line may be found on the Image's page at EdStockPhoto.com.
  9. Metadata. Although reasonable attempts have been made to provide reliable information, the Licensor makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the Image's metadata (titles, captions, keywords, etc.), which are provided for identification purposes only. The content of the metadata may be published or displayed with the Image as part of this License, but is not required.
  10. Editing. The Image may be cropped, retouched, or overlaid with text as needed for editorial or reproduction purposes, but may not be significantly altered to change the subject or basic appearance of the Image.
  11. Releases. This License grants permission from the copyright holder of the Image only. The Licensee retains the sole responsibility for obtaining any property releases, model releases, trademark permissions, or other permissions from third parties that may be required for legal display or publication. The Licensee agrees to hold the Licensor harmless in any legal disputes that may arise related to such permissions. The Licensor makes no representation as to the necessity of such additional permissions.