License Terms and Conditions

These terms are current as of July 22, 2024. Last updated December 5, 2023. Licensees are bound by the terms as of the date of licensing, which are preserved in the PDF invoice.

  1. Definitions. The following definitions apply to this entire document.
    1. "Invoice" is the document corresponding to an order, which contains an image or list of images to be licensed and defines license terms. When the Invoice has been paid in full, it is modified to become the order's receipt and license document. "Invoice" may refer to either status of this document.
    2. "Image" is the image, or each of the images, referenced on the Invoice.
    3. "Licensor" is EdStockPhoto, LLC.
    4. "Licensee" is the person or organization named on the License.
    5. "Non-Commercial" is a publication or usage that is not primarily for promoting, marketing, or advertising a business or product. The following do NOT qualify as Non-Commercial: advertising or marketing materials of any kind; book covers; display in areas of a business space accessed by the public or customers such as a store, office lobby, hotel, or restaurant; products for retail sale; TV shows or movies shown in theaters and/or major streaming platforms.
  2. Rights-managed license. Upon payment of the Invoice in full, the Licensor grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, perpetual, worldwide license (henceforth "License") to reproduce, display, transmit or publish the Image subject to the terms of the License purchased, as described in this document, and limited to the specific usage shown on the Invoice.
  3. Copyright. The copyright owner of the Image reserves all rights not expressly transferred by this License.
  4. Conditions.
    1. Purchase of the License constitutes the Licensee's acceptance of the terms of the License.
    2. Violation of any of these terms invalidates the License.
    3. Use of the Image without proof of this License (which Licensor may be asked to produce) constitutes copyright infringement.
    4. For Editorial and Academic Licenses, the License applies only to the use specified by the Licensee on the Invoice.
  5. Editorial License. An Image with an Editorial License may be reproduced and published for Non-Commerical purposes including personal, educational, or editorial use. Examples of permitted uses include:
    1. publication in one Non-Commercial website or blog (may appear in multiple pages) and/or one account per social media platform.
    2. publication in a single edition of a Non-Commercial book, textbook, magazine, or newspaper, or exam product, which may be published in multiple formats (e.g. book and e-book; print and online newspaper). The Image may not appear on the front cover, back cover, or spine. The physical print run, if any, may not exceed 5,000 copies.
    3. display in an online video (e.g. YouTube) or program on public television (e.g. PBS, BBC).
    4. all uses permitted under the Personal License.
  6. Academic License. An Image with an Academic License:
    1. may be reproduced within a single educational institution for the following purposes: student reports and presentations; student essays; lectures, exams and syllabi; internal website not available to the public.
    2. may be reproduced in one of the following: published academic dissertation; article published in an academic journal; edition of a scholarly monograph; or edition of a museum publication.
    3. may be shared with other users belonging to the same educational institution for uses permitted under this License, without the need for an additional license.
    4. MAY NOT be reproduced in textbooks, publicly accessible websites, exams for sale, study materials for sale, or any other use not specifically listed here.
  7. Personal License. An Image with a Personal License may be reproduced only for private, unpublished, Non-Commercial purposes. Examples of permitted uses include:
    1. display in a private home or personal cubicle/office at work (not in public work spaces).
    2. personal photo album.
    3. private blog (not publicly available on the internet).
    4. creation of products for free distribution to family and friends only, such as greeting cards, mugs, reunion T-shirts, etc.
    5. artist or study reference.
  8. Restricted uses. Without written permission from EdStockPhoto (which may not be available), Licensee MAY NOT:
    1. use the Image for any commercial, retail, promotional, corporate, endorsement, advertising or merchandising purpose, whether the organization using the Image is non-profit or for-profit.
    2. reproduce the Image more than 5,000 impressions in print format. (Web impressions and e-book sales are unlimited.)
    3. reproduce the Image without a credit line, as specified below.
    4. use the Image in a pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise illegal manner or context.
    5. use the Image in any way that suggests endorsement of a business, product, political party, or viewpoint by EdStockPhoto, the photographer, or any person or property appearing in the Image.
    6. falsely claim that Licensee is the original creator of a visual work that consists primarily of the Image.
  9. Credit requirements. If the Image is licensed under an Academic License or Editorial License, the following credit must appear adjacent to the Image or in an accompanying list of credits whenever it is printed or displayed, in the format: “[Photographer Name] / EdStockPhoto.” The specific credit line may be found on the License and the Image's page at
  10. Linking requirements. If the License title contains "with Link," then the credit line and/or the Image must include an HTML link to, either its home page or the Image page. This link must be "followed," i.e. may not have the rel="nofollow" attribute. Links are not required with other licenses, but appreciated.
  11. Metadata. Although reasonable attempts have been made to provide reliable information, the Licensor makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the Image's metadata (titles, captions, keywords, etc.), which are provided for identification purposes only. The content of the metadata may be published or displayed with the Image as part of this License, but is not required.
  12. Editing. The Image may be cropped, retouched, or overlaid with text as needed for editorial or reproduction purposes, but may not be significantly altered to change the subject or basic appearance of the Image.
  13. Releases. This License grants permission from the copyright holder of the Image only. The Licensee retains the sole responsibility for obtaining any property releases, model releases, trademark permissions, or other permissions from third parties that may be required for legal display or publication. The Licensee agrees to hold the Licensor harmless in any legal disputes that may arise related to such permissions. The Licensor makes no representation as to the necessity of such additional permissions.